Reasons I love to travel in Spain

I am an avid traveled. I have traveled all around the globe, and the is nothing I love more than finding a new adventure and the nxt beautiful place to explore. But, at the end of the day my favorite place I have been to by far has been Spain! The country is just absolutely magnificent in all aspects. The culture is vibrant. You learn so Much.

I am American, so my first time in Spain was a bit of a culture shock. America is so different. Spain has beautiful I have never seen before, and I was amazed to see how awesome it truly was.

One of the coolest parts I liked about Spain, is in their culture it is normal to eat dinner late at night and stay up and out late. I have always been a night owl, staying up deep into the night and never getting enough sleep. But in Spain, it is much more “normal” to stay up later and wake up a little later in the morning.

Spain definitely parties as hard if not harder than America. There is ALWAYS something to be doing, whether it is a party or a gathering, the social aspect of life in Spain is amazing. I learned Spanish to go to Spain, and to say that going there and speaking Spanish with native speakers helped me learn more, is an understatement.