Main Reasons Why Spain Must Be on Your Bucket List

Spain, Spania, Espanya, or Espania; no matter how it is called or spelled, this still refers to the same exact place on earth where history, beauty, and culture merged in one attractive package. Spain is located on the continent of Europe; a country where tradition and culture are as rich as their mountains and rivers. […]

Five Spanish Events to Immerse Oneself In

When planning a trip abroad, everyone’s itinerary usually includes a list of typical things: historical locations, mainstream tourist spots and attractions, and must-try food at popular restaurants. While places and food do give you nice memories of your trips, immersing oneself in a country’s culture is a whole different experience, giving you a deeper appreciation […]

Etiquettes to Observe When In Spain

You might be traveling to Spain one of these days. Below are a few common courtesies and behaviors to observe when mingling with the Spanish: Shake hands upon greeting and when leaving It is customary almost all around the world to shake hands when meeting someone for the first time. The same is expected in […]

Five Events to Consider Attending on Your Spain Escapade

You have your heart set on the physically and culturally diverse country of Spain for your next vacation. A million questions are probably coursing through your mind mostly about your travel itinerary. Worry not, dear traveler, for here are five suggestions of events you can go to on your escapade.  1. Pamplona Running of the […]

Facts About Traveling in Spain

The Best Time to Travel to Spain There’s no ideal time to visit, yet a touch of arranging can go far in upgrading the general involvement of a trek to Spain. Spain’s propensity for colorful flamenco music and heartbeat beating bullfights has set up this Iberian country as one of the more mainstream goals in […]

A Photo Enthusiast’s Guide When in Spain

Preserving memories of one’s travels have always been a must ever since the invention of cameras. Whether or not we post it online, looking at the photographs of the places you have been, the people you have met, the food you have tasted, and the sights you have seen always brings you to a state […]

Where to travel in Spain

Some of the best places to travel in Spain are tourist places and can often be busy. Some attractions you need to book in advance. But there are plenty of amazing things to see just traveling around the city by public transit and bikes! This is what I always do in Spain! On of my […]