Power Adapter

Electrical outlets in Spain require F prongs with a rounded tip at 220 volts, 50 Hertz. An international power adapter will also work fine, but if you were extra cautious about not being able to charge or accidentally frying your devices, you would be better off going for the proper adapter that is called for in this particular country, especially if you are staying over for a prolonged period.


If you are a woman, a shawl will definitely be your best wardrobe piece when traveling to Spain. It serves a double purpose: to shield you from the weather changes and to keep you modest when touring to those ancient church sites.

Spain is a generally conservative country despite it being a place where people are highly fashion conscious, so a shawl is a great leeway to bridging these two qualities in an outfit. You can wear it over almost any top or dress, and match it with accessories like shoes and bags to make you even more fashionable in public.


Flip flops are a pair of feet’s best friends in hot weather. However, this relationship will simply not do beyond the beach in Spain. You can reserve your flip-flops for beach picnics and swimming, but it must never go beyond that.

To keep you comfortable during your tours and long commutes and walks and while remaining fashionably acceptable, it is wise to bring with you a comfy and nice pair of flats that can go well with almost any outfit. This way, you are not committing a fashion faux pas in public. Additionally, it is also considered illegal in Spain to be driving in sandals, so if you plan on renting a vehicle while you are on vacation, a good pair of driving flats is a great idea.

Handy Toilet Paper

While public commodes are still quite accessible in Spain, you may find that not all of them are as well-equipped as you may be used to. To avoid any toilet problems, you may want to bring along a handy pack of travel tissues or wet wipes just for that added safety net in case you happen upon a public commode without toilet paper.

Water Filter Bottles and/or Activated Charcoal

Water bottles are always handy when traveling and backpacking throughout Europe. Most places have public taps and fountains that you can simply refill in order to quench your thirst. Water quality is hard to decipher anywhere in the world.

While water tends to be clean in most parts of Spain, there may be a few areas of question that you may come across. That is why having a bottle with a built-in filter is a wise choice to ensure your health and safety while traveling. Also, having a little packet of activated charcoal would not hurt as well.

Jet Lag Relief

As with any other country, when you cross timelines, there is bound to be some jetlag involved. Make the most out of your trip by carrying along a pack of jet lag relief items. These may be homemade, medical, or homeopathic items that can help you adjust a lot better and cope well with the time zone adjustment so that you can spend less time being physiologically confused and more time enjoying your vacation.



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