Spain should be experienced at least once in your lifetime. It’s a happily beating heart that never sleeps. The people are wonderful and their culture is colorful. It’s all one big tapestry of art, music, history, and yes, good food.

Here are some things to remember when planning that dearly coveted trip to Spain.

 1. The Spanish don’t communicate in Spanish.

In Barcelona, they speak Catalan. Everybody will have the capacity to speak with you in Spanish – however, they use their local tongues more frequently.

 2. Barcelona isn’t that dodgy.

In spite of its notoriety for frivolous robbery and road wrongdoing, Barcelona is actually not that unnerving.

 3. It’s hot. Extremely hot.

Go anyplace south of Madrid in summer, and you’ll see that the place is a flat out heater.

 4. Each locale could be its very own nation.

There’s an astounding measure of decent variety in Spain. This is a nation made up of 17 semi self-ruling districts, each of which sticks furiously to a remarkable culture.

 5. Spanish nourishment is incredibly great.

The world’s best eatery is in Spain. So is the 6th best (Mugaritz), the thirteenth best (Etxebarri) and the seventeenth best (Arzak).

 6. Foreign nourishment is incredibly terrible.

The special case to this is cosmopolitan Barcelona, where essentially everything is great.

 7. The Spanish don’t communicate in English.

With the exception of Madrid and Barcelona, you wouldn’t easily find natives who can communicate in English. Other foreigners could help, but if they are as clueless as you, then there’s no benefit in that.

 8. A little effort could get you far enough.

Knowing where you need to go is a very important thing. Yes, maps aren’t that accurate in the how-to-get-there front, but they sometimes come close. Locals always know the shortcuts and easier routes so a little Catalan-speaking know how could get you where you need to go.

 9. La Sagrada Familia is likely the most dazzling building you’ll ever observe.

St Peter’s Basilica and Notre Dame may hoard the vast majority of the consideration, yet by a wide margin, the most noteworthy church you’ll ever see is La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

 10. Siesta is both the best and most noticeably awful thing ever.

Having no reason to go for an irreproachable rest after lunch makes sense, but you simply have to do it. Siesta is a common thing to see in the early afternoon.

 11. It’s modest.

While Europe all in all can be entirely expensive, Spain is refreshingly reasonable, especially down south.

 12. Eating isn’t tricking.

Small portions are here are non-existent. You go to Spain to eat as well as sightsee but never just the latter. You’ll simply be missing out on too much if you scrimp on tasting every delicacy.

 13. The adages truly happen.

Hang out at any old bar in Granada, and there’s a possibility that somebody will get a flamenco guitar and begin playing. In less than a minute, the entire street is up in song.

 14. Jamon is the best thing ever.

It may only be a cured leg of ham, but it is divine.


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