Spain has all four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. If you are eyeing to tour around this European country, better take some notes to help you pack and dress appropriately for that unforgettable trip. Now before you take out the tourist spots in your bucket list, consider the weather you will be expecting by the time you arrive and plan what clothes to bring to achieve Instagram-perfect shots, without the sacrifice!

 1. Spring

They say that one of the most beautiful times to visit Spain is during spring. The weather can be cool and warm. Flowers are in full-bloom, and so should your outfits to match! Okay, you are not being forced to do so, but your pictures can turn out great if you are wearing something bright, a pop of color here and there, some pastels, and prints to match Spain’s vividly colored spring. Temperatures can go from +5°C to +22°C starting from March to sometime in May. It is best to bring a jacket or scarf for chilly days and nights.

 2. Summer

Summers in Spain would definitely be hot and crowded with tourists and locals alike. It can get you feeling sticky but also expect some rain around in June – July. August is the peak for people spending their summer vacations, but they mostly gather where beaches and resorts are at so dress up comfortably to dread the overwhelming crowd of tourists. Temperatures can go from +14°C in June to +31°C in August. Wear breathable clothing pieces like dresses, shorts, loose tops, but don’t be afraid of being stylish. Make it fun and playful to match the season.

 3. Fall

Chances are it could still be warm around September, but it would be somewhat cooler once October comes. Depending on your location, it can be freezing in the north, but people in the capital and the south can expect to feel some warmth still. It would be best to wear layers than bring puffy winter jackets. Try to match the colors of fall with warm hues of reds, yellows, orange and brown. Bring scarves and wool hats to keep you warm and cozy. Temperatures go from +26°C in September to +5°C in October. You can bring your boots, layer up a shirt, cardigan, jacket, or a light coat.

 4. Winter

Do not underestimate winter in Spain. While it may not be cold and deadly, pack up some winter wear especially if you are heading to the north part of the country or where it snows. Rain showers are also common so it would be best to bring a handy umbrella with you. Layer up and get puffy to fight the chilling temperatures. Also bring scarves, cozy hats, and gloves. The temperature can go from +10°C to +3°C depending on where you at, from December – February.

Sure, traveling is fun especially if you have picture-perfect clothes to wear, but it is important to consider the weather during the season you are visiting Spain. Don’t sacrifice your feeling overlooks. You can be stylish and weather-appropriate at the same time. Just take note of the general temperatures, and you can start imagining what you should pack. Remember, it is best to know these beforehand than come in unprepared. Enjoy your trip!


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