If you are planning your European vacation, Spain will probably be on the top of your dream destination list. From its rich culture, picturesque piazzas, marvelous architecture, and best cuisine, Spain offer a variety of experience that you would want to plan another trip in a year or two.

Here’s a short list of the best times to travel in Spain. While some people opt to travel off season, there’s something about these events that you simply cannot miss. Below, I’ve made a list of the most famous Spanish celebrations that you can plan your trip around. If you want to experience Spain at its finest, then these events are not worth missing. Mark your calendars, travel bugs.


Holy Week (Last Week of March)

If you are planning to have a two-in-one vacation, travel on Easter Week in Spain. As one of the roots of the Catholicism, the holy week is surely a “must-experience” occasion in the country. Though you may not be religious to any extent, the processions and festivities will definitely which bring out Spain’s rich cultural heritage is not to be missed.

Holy week is celebrated throughout the country, so any place you go to in Spain won’t let your escape from it. But traveling to any point near to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea will give you a chance to catch the first heat of summer on the Castilian beach. This perfect occasion matches with your summer getaway would definitely make you save the days on your calendars.

April Fair Week (Third Week of April)

Spain is known to be the country of “festivals.” What’s more satisfying than to visit the grandiose city of Seville and celebrate Spain’s amazing festival: Feria de Abril. After a week of solemnity, the country filled its city with various fairs, festivities, entertainment, and a parade of Andalusian arts and culture.

During the night, indulge in the city’s festive atmosphere by catching flamenco performances on every street. Learn and indulge in different customs and traditions of the country at its best. Experience the authentic beauty of Spain while in its most vibrant colors.

Mid- May (May 10 – 15)

Sweep the May Fair Holiday by visiting Spain on a 5-day vacation trip and experience celebration after celebration after celebration. Land on the first day at Barcelona and pay a visit at the grandioso Sagrada De Familia to celebrate the Ascension. Dance your way the next day as the country moves to the rhythm of traditional music in the Fiestas de San Isidro in Madrid. A 6-hour ride from Barcelona to Madrid will truly awe your sight with the country’s famed landmarks.

Complete your vacation with the World of Music, Arts, and Dances Festivals in Caceres. The trip will be long, but the experience will surely place the cherry on top of the travel. This amazing event showcases a plethora of performances from country music genre to contemporary dances.

Spain is undeniably a city of dreams and wonders. It is truly a place worth visiting.


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