Traveling has been a way to not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of corporate life, but also as a means to explore your adventurous inner side. Among the top travel destinations now, Spain hits it hard due to its laid-back and relaxing offering to the world.

But what do you really need to prepare before you land your dream escape to Spain? Here is a list to consider before you book that flight to the Spanish culture.

Take part in Spain’s rich culture

With Spain’s diversity, each city can easily be considered as a world of its own. From learning several languages to experiencing different festivals, the possibilities are almost endless. Also, the Spanish architecture, massive cathedrals, and Muslim palaces simply bring you to a city with truly world-class art. Spain easily leads you to their own mix of old with new as depicted in both traditional and modern cultures you can marvel at when you get there.

List down your preferred activities

Spain is a large country which can’t be explored in just a single trip. Unless you plan to stay at least a month in this wonderful destination, plan which activities you’d prefer to prioritize first. Whether it be skin-dipping on the beach or enjoying your first Spanish festival, take a stand which experience you want to savor first.

Consider various accommodation types

Accommodation in Spain may come cheap compared to other European countries. But that doesn’t equate to choosing just anything under the sun. It is best advised to consider the dates and locations being visited to know which room will be most suitable. Besides, getting a room with a view does not automatically mean that this is the best hotel to book.

Explore the diverse food choices

Spanish mealtime is a big thing to consider and understand for first-timers. Lunchtime is the largest meal in Spain while going out for dinner starts from 9 pm until midnight. The variety of food offerings is also as rich as the people and its culture. Ranging from eating paella and tapas to drinking the best wine or cold beer, Spaniards are very passionate about making your palate crave for more.

Know your dedicated budget for the trip

Of course, any trip will not be successful without proper planning and budgeting. Spain can be quite expensive especially if eating out for dinner and taking the train system are what you plan to do during your stay. Thus, plan your trip ahead of time to have a better grasp of how much you need to save for your most awaited travel to the Spanish region.

Truly an amazing piece of land to devour on, this part of Europe never seizes to disappoint. The people and its unique lifestyle add a little extra spice to this dream travel. Despite the heat and extreme difference from the Western culture, Spain is still a site worth visiting in this lifetime.


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