If you are traveling in Spain and wanted to unravel the beauty of this country, then here’s a list of its top-rated tourist spots that might interest you. Aside from the beautiful picturesqueness of their iconic structures, it also shows the country’s rich culture and fascinating history.

Real Palacio or the Royal Palace

Situated in Madrid, the country’s capital, this is very much accessible and must-go place.   This palace is the venue for important state ceremonies of the country. While you may admire the external architecture, you’ll be all the more astounded by the Spanish-inspired decorations of its interiors. It also houses some of the country’s finest collection of artifacts. Enjoy the paintings made by famous Spanish artists, antique porcelains, various watches, delicate and beautiful silverware and even traditional armory.

The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens

Further south from Madrid, in the province of Granada, a Moorish palace is standing magnificently alongside several towers and gardens containing arcs and stone carvings dated during Spain’s Islamic Period where Muslims invaded the country. Who would have thought that a tumultuous history could have this beautiful legacy? Visit also the Generalife terraced garden and be astonished by its tranquil scenery.  

City of Arts and Sciences

West from Madrid, in the city of Valencia, a phenomenal piece of architecture stands that claims to be the largest oceanographic aquarium in Europe, L’Oceanografic. It resembles a big water lily with different buildings depicting different aquatic environments. Alongside it also stands the architectural masterpieces of Santiago Calatrava. These structures were built on dried riverbed after the water flow was diverted to prevent repeated flooding in the city. Imagine how a catastrophic remain becomes a landmark of the city.

The White Towns

On the southwest area of the country, in the province of Cadiz, are strings of villages with white houses situated in hilltops. This can be seen around Grazalema Nature Reserve where they resemble cupcakes in white icing on top. Chill and enjoy on various café and restaurant or watch the presentation of an Equestrian Art by the Royal Andulacian School. Authentic flamenco is also played at the Centro Cultural Flamenco which is also near the area.   

The Historic City of Toledo

Just an hour away from Madrid, the city of Toledo is also a popular tourist destination of the country. It is considered to be an ancient city situated on a hill not far from the plains of Castilla-La Mancha in the country’s south-central area. It is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in the year 1986 because of its majestic monuments and cultural heritage.

This city is also known as the “City of Three Cultures” due to cultural influences from Christians, Muslims, and Jews who contributed to its history. It is one of the prominent cities of Spain since the middle ages. Its prominence is due to its vast and intricately decorated cathedral and considered as the second richest Christian temple after only to the renowned Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.


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