Traveling to Europe is always a good prospect if you are into history, art, architecture, and cuisine. One popular destination is Spain. If you have visited other parts of Europe before, and want something more vibrant, lively and colorful, you will definitely enjoy a trip to this Iberian nation. Below are a few major perks when you chose to travel to Spain:


The season patterns in Spain mimic that of the US, although the weather and climate may vary depending on which region you are visiting. It can get quite chilly in the winter, although not quite as cold as North American winters, and hot in the summers, which is the perfect time for beach getaways.

Tourists generally like visiting the mainland during spring and fall where the weather is somewhat temperate. The southern part of Spain has a year-round influx of tourists though, thanks to the warmer climate and the Mediterranean beaches that experience but only a little bit of rainfall.


The country is simply bursting with tradition. The bullfights in Seville, Madrid and Pamplona; graceful and powerful flamenco in Seville; week-long festivals like the Las Fallas in Valencia; “botellon” or street parties in Granada that is filled to the brim with merrymaking and music; and of course, football for which almost every Spaniard is passionate about.

All of this merrymaking makes Spain so rich and colorful that the whole country seems like one huge fiesta. Despite this, Spaniards find time to rest and unwind in the warm afternoon breeze with their siesta wherein workers and students take a couple of hours to sleep and eat. This laidback and easy-going lifestyle appropriately compliments the nightlife and party that there is to follow.  


You are in for the gastronomic trip of your life when you go through Spain. There is a lot to taste and a lot to eat as you go through the wonderful historic sights to fill you up. You can finally take the opportunity to try Hispanic dishes in their most authentic forms:

  • the colorful Paella Valenciaga with not only chicken but also duck and hare,
  • the different varieties of tapas from many restaurants or eateries and even in homes,
  • the widely-features Jamon Iberico that is a perfect match for any ice-cold brew in those hot and lazy afternoons,
  • the fresh a cozy gazpachos f different styles,
  • the humble but rich and filling tortilla.


You can roam the country for months and not run out of attractions to see. Spain is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful countries to visit at any time of the year. If you are into architecture, there are so many structures that you can visit.

The Sagrada Familia church by itself is already a breathtaking wonder. The Alhambra and many other Moorish castles remain standing after so many centuries and are so rich in art and history that you cannot help but be stupefied in awe upon seeing them from afar, up close, and inside.


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